Drake denies fathering a child with an Instagram model.


Drake is claiming that Layla Lace is a complete liar and her Instagram posts accusing the rapper of being the baby-daddy is 100% false information.

Last week, model Layla Lace went public with claims that Drake had gotten her pregnant and was subsequently dodging her calls. Lace shared a series of alleged texts between her and the rapper on Instagram. She claimed that the two had met up in London and had sex, but after she discovered she was pregnant a few weeks later, Drizzy went silent on her.According to TMZ, sources close to Drake claim that the rapper has never met Lace, and that her story was fabricated for attention. They are also denying “rumblings” that Drake’s team had threatened to sue her over the posts, which have now been deleted. The source argues that there was no reason for Lace to keep the posts up after the story was picked up and Lace received the “attention” she was looking for.

Lace has not publicly responded to this development. While she deleted her posts, she has not officially retracted any of her claims.

Read her original posts here.


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